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Discussion : Folkestone

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    octobre 2006
    Far East of Eden
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    Par défaut

    Les deux liens de Routard sont morts, mais permettent de trouver une amusante historiette de 2003:

    Extrait du Sunday Mirror: Ma fenne n'est pas une p.... dit le flic:

    A POLICE officer faces the sack after saucy pictures of his wife were found on a website for a massage parlour which offers sex for cash.

    Detective Constable Robin Firman's wife Margaret is snapped wearing high heels, stockings and suspenders, fondling another woman.

    In other snaps the policeman's 60-year-old wife - who uses the name Jacky at work - is shown posing topless with two other women, and laughing while a blonde simulates a sex act on her.

    The saucy pictures feature on a website for the Madison House massage parlour in Folkestone, Kent.

    DC Firman, 46, looked shaken when the Sunday Mirror showed him the pictures of his wife yesterday - but denied that she was a hooker. He said: "I would know if she was working as a prostitute, because I have been married to her for 20 years.

    "I'm not going into any detail about what my wife did, but I can tell you she is not a prostitute. She advertised massage services and worked at a masseurs'. That's all she did."

    But just hours earlier a Sunday Mirror reporter posing as a businessman called Madison House, based in a rundown semi-detached house in the town, and said he wanted to book an appointment for a massage.

    He was then offered a one hour, "personal service" with a former lap dancer called Lulu. The woman who answered the phone added: "The pounds 150 is for a full personal service - the only thing she doesn't do is water sports.

    "You pay for her time, so if you can go six times in the hour, that's fine, but if you sit having a cup of tea, it's the same price."

    The appointment was cancelled.

    Earlier this year the policeman's wife, a former nurse, placed and paid for a string of adverts in the Doverho was obsessed with her. That's why Margaret gave it all up, because she was virtually being stalked and was worried about Robin. But the police already knew about it and were investigating her husband."

    DC Firman was summoned to Ashford station on Thursday and warned that he was being investigated by police and civilian officers.

    At the couple's pounds 125,000 semi-detached bungalow at St Mary's Bay in Kent he said: "I am ruined because of this and expect to lose my job. But I can't comment too much because I am under investigation.

    "Somebody has a vendetta against me and thought the best way to have a dig at me was through Margaret."

    Last night Mrs Firman confirmed she worked at both parlours - but said she never performed sex acts.

    She said: "All I asked my husband to do was to get rid of a stalker. He didn't know I worked in massage before that. He is a good policeman and a very good husband. I was doing massages - people came to me for therapy and to talk to me. Never were they offered more.

    "And those pictures on the website were taken during an Ann Summers party when we were having a laugh."

    Kent police said: "The Professional Standards Department are investigating DC Firman and have been for some time." A Kent police source added: "Robin is an experienced guy and the longest-serving officer at Lydd."

    Express newspaper. In the final advert former NHS nurse Mrs Firman gave two mobile numbers. The second was the same number used by another Folkestone-based agency, Fantasy Land. The massage parlour - run from a seedy flat - offers "discreet adult fun" 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The policeman's wife stopped her services eight weeks ago after she was harassed by a client. A source at Madison House said: "Margaret had quite a lot of regular punters who always came back to her. "Then she advertised on her own, and went to Fantasy Land. But she had a problem with a regular client, who was...

    Sinon j'ai trouvé une adresse:
    Pussy Cats
    27 Risborough lane
    01303 273730

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    octobre 2006
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    Par défaut Folkestone


    Fantasyland Shorncliffe Road, Fokestone, Kent, CT20 (Tél. 01303 227345) Le tarif est de 60£/30min et 80£/45min et 100£/60min.



    Ces informations peuvent évoluer avec le temps : soyez gentils, si vous constatez des modifications, de nous les signaler

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