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Discussion : KASIE d'EoB (russe, châtain)

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    février 2018

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    Nothing to add...: I had 100% the same experience with her...!!!
    I was disappointed because I remember some EOB young Russian and/or Ukrainian fantastic girls, same age, jumping on me... , very active (extremely exciting...), which was NOT the case with Kasie...
    Anyway, I am sure that EOB will propose us some other sweet girls very soon!

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    juillet 2018

    Par défaut KASIE d'EoB (russe, châtain)

    My experience with Kasie.

    Looks: Yes,she´s the girl in the photos - at least I think so. She seems to have put onslightly more weight, but she´s still a tall girl with a firm, slender body. Themain difference is in the face, which is a bit more chubby than in the pictures,and most of all in the eyes. Whereas in the photos they sparkle full ofexpression, in real life they are somehow clouded and absent.

    Attitude:This appearance translates into her attitude, which is rather passive. She doeswhat she´s asked for, but there´s not much initiative.

    Performance:If it´s enough for you to enjoy the presence of a beautiful body, you´ll befine. If you expect at least some (pretended) feeling or emotion or physicalarousal, think twice. She seems to prefer to lie down and let you do yourthing. Kissing with tongue was impossible, which in the end I didn´t mind, becauseshe´s a heavy smoker. BJ in different positions was good, but also a bitmechanical.

    Afterwards:She actually was the most active, talkative and even joking, when it was over.Probably it would have been more enjoyable for both of us, if she had been inthat mood from the beginning.

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