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Discussion : LORA d'EOB (russe - brune)

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    mai 2008

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    elle reçoit vers où ?
    Je loge près de la place rogier ce we
    D'habitude, il y a des filles EOB dans le coin

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    février 2012
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    juillet 2018

    Par défaut LORA d'EOB (russe - brune)

    I can only explain the fact that nobody has written about Lora with the theory that everybody wanted to keep her as a secret just for himself. As she´ll be leaving Brussels soon, I´m posting this for archival reasons - and also as a thank you to her for the nice time I could spend with her.

    Appearance: She is the girl in the photos, which have been only slightly photoshopped, I´d say. She looks more natural than in the photos, but with less make-up in no way less beautiful. She´s slim with a soft skin and at the same time with a firm body. Her slowly moving large dark eyes are nice to look into.

    Attitude: From the photos I had been a bit afraid that she might be of the arrogant fashion model type. But this has not been the case at all. She was charming and sweet and natural from the beginning. We laughed (not artificially) already two minutes after I had entered the room. Her English, by the way, is good. During all of the two hours she created a nice, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

    Action: Another thing I wouldn´t have expected and I was very pleasantly surprised by was with how much tenderness the erotic encounter took place. All the touches were light and in the right spots. We were kissing softly and deeply and slowly with a lot of feeling very soon. She was kissing a "Southern" part of my body in the same style. Everything else that happened was in the way one would hope for with a real and passionate girl-friend. I had a very nice time.

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