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Discussion : Prague : Privat Office [Arrêt d'activités]

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    octobre 2012

    Par défaut arrêt d'activité

    arrêt d'activité

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    octobre 2012

    Par défaut Agatka

    Agatka from Office

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    Contact :
    Privat Office
    Anglicka Ulice, Praha 2
    Agata / Agatka
    731 731 481

    Prices and services :

    1 hour = 1500 czk
    kissing = no
    oral without condom = 500 czk
    vystrik do pusy = no
    fingers in her pussy = no
    lick her pussy =ok
    69 =ok
    lick her ass =ok
    lick her ears = ok
    kiss her neck =ok
    gel = used
    lick my balls =ok
    use my condoms = ok

    Appearence :
    Agatka is a cute brunette, tall and slim. with a nice ass. She is shaved everywhere. She is around 1m70. Her chest is nice, size 1-2. She is maybe 20 years old. She is attractive for sure.

    Prolog :

    It was the first meeting of my journey. I arrived from the airport, I went to my favorite exchange, where they have given me the vip card and the vip rate, normally reserved to the czech guys. Until then everything went smooth. And then I realized that I' had lost my cellphone. No cellphone = no meetings (except in Beboss). I had to confirm a reservation for the night, I made by email. For a first day, it was a harsh beginning. I went to the vodaphone shop and bought the cheapest phone I could, and with few numbers written on a sheet of paper, began my journey. My first cellphone was in a cab so, fortunately, the driver gave me back few hours later. Anyway, a phone is just a phone, so I called Agatka, with my cheap phone.

    A short meeting :

    I arrived, lost in translation. Agatka thought probably that it was my first journey in Prague. She welcomed friendly. She proposed the 'oral without condom' and asked for the money. She didn't give me the time to ask if she will do the kissing. I asked, she declined. It's included on sympathy. But ok, let's go for it. She came from the bathroom with a baby-doll. I began to lick and kiss her body. I put her in doggy-style to lick her both holes. Then she made the blowjob. Sometimes, I felt her teethes. If you made her the remark, it's ok. During the 69, she didn't suck my member all the time.
    For the intercourse, she made a lot of fake noise. Otherwise, the intercourse was good. I regretted that the meeting was too short. It was really a short hour.

    Conclusion :
    Agatka is cute and friendly. She makes too much fake noise, no kissing and the meeting is short. In August, I met her super-lovely colleague Krystinka, in October, her colleague Anetka was not especially friendly and I left. Finally, It was nice to see Agatka.

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    octobre 2006

    Par défaut Prague : Privat Office [Arrêt d'activités]

    Situé rue Belehradska, près de la place I.P. Pavlova.
    1000 CZK / 30 mn. 1500 CZK / 60 mn.

    Bon immeuble, appartement très correct. 2 filles en début d'après-midi, je n'avais pas booké à l'avance. Je choisi une grande et jolie brune.
    Elle dit s'appeler Kelly, pas très tchèque comme pseudo. Parle un peu anglais. Je lui fais préciser que les 30 mn démarrent en chambre une fois nos douches prises séparément. Session correcte même si ça manque de chaleur. Bon ça reste un bon petit souvenir avec une jolie grande praguoise. Elle n'est plus sur leur site.

    Les filles qui y sont actuellement semblent attirantes, au moins leurs photos sont authentiques car du genre amateur et prises dans la même chambre. Une adresse à revisiter la prochaine fois.

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