Best session this year at NK was last week with a Brazilian who has just turned up, and has caused some furore on the local forums, not least for her stamina. Three or four weeks ago I mentioned I’d found a great Brazilian called Gabriela at Finca Erotica. Well here’s another one! Totally different, all PSE, but also a great, great punt. Still works half her time at a brothel in Freiburg called Villa Freiburg, but she told me she will come more and more to NK if it works well. Well I can tell you, she is constantly busy, from 11.00 to 2.00, so hopefully she will stay a while. Never stops.

Gabriela, Brazilian, 27
Long curly black hair, smallish
Dark-skinned, Mulatta style with smallish bubble-butt, a good slim body
Natural B breasts
PSE from the moment you sit down with her. Language a total disaster, poor German, hopeless English, a mixture of four of five others, but fear not, she gets her message over unmistakeably.

This was a reliable tip from a forum, and I was warned not to miss an opportunity if it came. I arrived at 12.00 noon. As I was changing I saw a dark girl getting paid by a German guy, and thought it might be her. Quickly zipped into the bar to confirm it was. (Next time I saw this guy he was snoring very loudly in the sauna area, so she’d obviously given him a torrid hour from 11.00. :-) :-). In the time it took me to finish changing and shower she had done whatever she had to, because I was able to stop her before she sat again on the sofa and signal her over into the Kino.

Gabriela does everything, and is totally sweet with it too. And she seemingly gives this great service to all her customers. As she jumped astride on my lap in the Kino, she put my hand between her legs, and started this great kissing with her warm fleshy lips. Oh, boy! “I do anal too, and in one hour three, four orgasms, no problem”. Giggle, giggle, tongue down throat. Four orgasms for whom, I asked non-plussed. “You, silly!”, left breast to mouth. I admired her confidence in my abilities, and gave in. OK, one hour, with anal, which at EUR 50 extra is a steal with this one. We went off to the room, and the whirlwind continued. I fought her hard, I fought her long, but she wouldn’t let up. We compromised on two orgasms and a UN-mediated ceasefire after fifty minutes. Didn’t stop her from continuing to kiss though. Anyway, this was a tremendous performance, with non-stop switching of positions. Mind you, she was much tighter in the vagina. ;-) Not recommended if you’re looking for gentle slow GFE of an afternoon, I am afraid.